Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Had a chance to speak to my tutor on the phone this evening. I've got a proposed deadline of 16th June to get the first assignment in. That is around getting together photos to show contrasts. Temptation to go back to existing photos to find examples is strong, but I may well look to take specific photos in most cases.

One photo is intended to show contrast in one picture. Given that one of the list of contrasts is continuous / intermittent the thought that has occurred is of a road, with continuous yellow lines down the sides and intermittent white lines down the middle. Shouldn't be too hard to find an example, I hope.

I have some ideas around some of the other contrasts too. Large / small is something where I would be tempted to take two photos of the same object, one close up with a wide angle lens to make it appear big, and one at a distance with a standard focal length (or longer) to make it appear small.

Still / moving is one where I may well make use of existing photographs. One of my favourite photographs of (my wife) Deborah is of her relaxing on a bridge in Amsterdam, while I also have some photos of (daughter) Kathryn at her school sports day.

Pointed / blunt seems to be too obvious - photos of different ends of a group of pencils. However, that may well be something of a cliche so I will need to give it some thought.

Other ideas are far more sketchy:

Transparent / opaque - white and red wine bottles?
Many / few - use Kathryn's cuddly toys or dolls?
Liquid / solid - might be an opportunity to take droplet photos
Sweet / sour - I know I've got photos of Kathryn with expressions that cover both, but that might be deliberately misunderstanding the remit?
Smooth / rough - polished wood and a tree close up?
Light / heavy - I've got a decent photo of a hot air balloon for light; I'm sure that one for heavy can be found somewhere (something sinking in mud, perhaps).

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