Sunday, 6 June 2010

Entries for Assignment 1 - Part 3

Final batch of photos for the assignment

7. Opaque / Transparent

Again, one of my early thoughts on this was to use red / white wine bottles.

Again, I was looking for additional contrasts, thus using the bottle bases for the opaque and the necks for the transparent. A tight crop on the opaque one has brought out the curves in the bottoms of the bottles, while the bottles of the transparent one have introduced some interesting bending to the straight blinds behind them.

8. High / Low

The high picture is one from some time ago, looking up at my daughter on a climbing frame. I've always liked that picture, and when I was first thinking about the contrasts assignment I thought that it could be useful for it. In order to get the low picture I asked my daughter to sit on the grass, lean on the side of the patio and look up.

The choice to have the green grass and red brick was deliberately to contrast with the blue sky and yellow netting in the high picture.

9. Continuous and Intermittent

Again, one of my earliest thoughts on the single photo was to contrast the continuous yellow lines with intermittent white lines down the middle.

This photo was taken over a wall, up a hill and round a corner, and was then cropped and rotated to ensure that the lines moved off towards the top right hand corner. In the original photo the yellow lines weren't very yellow, so I essentially repainted them in Photoshop.

Entries for Assignment 1 Part 2

Next 3 sets of photos loaded.

4. Sharp / Blunt

As planned from the start, pretty much, pictures of different ends of pencils as a fairly obvious contrast. However, I have tried to include other contrasts as well.

For sharp, I have decided to go with a sharp focus all the way through, as well as a circular shape and a landscape picture. However, for blunt I have chosen to go with a narrower depth of field, straight lines and a portrait aspect.

5. Many / Few

This is intended to contrast the few on a stage with the many who are in the crowd.

The few photograph is deliberately wide in order to show the amount of space on the stage, whilst the many has been cropped to a panorama to try to concentrate on the people, and lose the expanse of sky in the original photo. I decided to retain the purple 'tents' (stage and sound board) in both photos to give a feeling of continuity in the two photos.

6. Little / Large

Photos taken at last year's Malpas Yesteryear Festival, and the first photos included that predate the course. However, the contrasts were deliberate when I took the photos at the time.

So we have a large man with a little engine and a little girl with a large engine.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Entries for Assignment 1

Time to start thinking about the photos to put in for the assignment, and to work out where there are gaps.

1. Light / Dark

Two model shots here, I think, one high key and one low key. These were both taken on the same night as part of a group shoot.

As well as the high key / low key contrasts, I've also chosen these because of the left / right contrast of the positions of the model as well as the backwards / forwards poses.

2. Rough / Smooth

Two pictures of tree trunks here, one from Ness Gardens and one from Bodnant.

Again, the photos have been selected to show other contrasts, with a wide angle for the smooth photo and a tight shot to accentuate the roughness.

3. Still / Moving

Photos from a trip to Oulton Park. The aim is to contrast the car on the track with the trip down the pit lane to show it in its still state. I thought about several options for this, with different cars and whether to use the full car or parts of cars (tyres), but decided on this as my best combination of still and moving shots.

Okay, I'm now officially bored of the pain of putting photos into this blog - it seems that it always puts pictures in at the top and you have to move them to where you want them. Thus it's probably best to put the photos in first and then add the words around them. I'll continue later.