Sunday, 6 June 2010

Entries for Assignment 1 Part 2

Next 3 sets of photos loaded.

4. Sharp / Blunt

As planned from the start, pretty much, pictures of different ends of pencils as a fairly obvious contrast. However, I have tried to include other contrasts as well.

For sharp, I have decided to go with a sharp focus all the way through, as well as a circular shape and a landscape picture. However, for blunt I have chosen to go with a narrower depth of field, straight lines and a portrait aspect.

5. Many / Few

This is intended to contrast the few on a stage with the many who are in the crowd.

The few photograph is deliberately wide in order to show the amount of space on the stage, whilst the many has been cropped to a panorama to try to concentrate on the people, and lose the expanse of sky in the original photo. I decided to retain the purple 'tents' (stage and sound board) in both photos to give a feeling of continuity in the two photos.

6. Little / Large

Photos taken at last year's Malpas Yesteryear Festival, and the first photos included that predate the course. However, the contrasts were deliberate when I took the photos at the time.

So we have a large man with a little engine and a little girl with a large engine.

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