Friday, 4 June 2010

Entries for Assignment 1

Time to start thinking about the photos to put in for the assignment, and to work out where there are gaps.

1. Light / Dark

Two model shots here, I think, one high key and one low key. These were both taken on the same night as part of a group shoot.

As well as the high key / low key contrasts, I've also chosen these because of the left / right contrast of the positions of the model as well as the backwards / forwards poses.

2. Rough / Smooth

Two pictures of tree trunks here, one from Ness Gardens and one from Bodnant.

Again, the photos have been selected to show other contrasts, with a wide angle for the smooth photo and a tight shot to accentuate the roughness.

3. Still / Moving

Photos from a trip to Oulton Park. The aim is to contrast the car on the track with the trip down the pit lane to show it in its still state. I thought about several options for this, with different cars and whether to use the full car or parts of cars (tyres), but decided on this as my best combination of still and moving shots.

Okay, I'm now officially bored of the pain of putting photos into this blog - it seems that it always puts pictures in at the top and you have to move them to where you want them. Thus it's probably best to put the photos in first and then add the words around them. I'll continue later.

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