Sunday, 6 June 2010

Entries for Assignment 1 - Part 3

Final batch of photos for the assignment

7. Opaque / Transparent

Again, one of my early thoughts on this was to use red / white wine bottles.

Again, I was looking for additional contrasts, thus using the bottle bases for the opaque and the necks for the transparent. A tight crop on the opaque one has brought out the curves in the bottoms of the bottles, while the bottles of the transparent one have introduced some interesting bending to the straight blinds behind them.

8. High / Low

The high picture is one from some time ago, looking up at my daughter on a climbing frame. I've always liked that picture, and when I was first thinking about the contrasts assignment I thought that it could be useful for it. In order to get the low picture I asked my daughter to sit on the grass, lean on the side of the patio and look up.

The choice to have the green grass and red brick was deliberately to contrast with the blue sky and yellow netting in the high picture.

9. Continuous and Intermittent

Again, one of my earliest thoughts on the single photo was to contrast the continuous yellow lines with intermittent white lines down the middle.

This photo was taken over a wall, up a hill and round a corner, and was then cropped and rotated to ensure that the lines moved off towards the top right hand corner. In the original photo the yellow lines weren't very yellow, so I essentially repainted them in Photoshop.

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